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        JM-6300CII FOG in the size of automatic binding machine

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        1, power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 15KW
        2, the working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa (dry gas source)
        3, the gas consumption: 300L / Min
        4, equipment size: 3200 (L) × 1165 (W) × 1800 (H) mm
        5, equipment weight: 3500KG
        6, program control: PLC controller + touch screen
        7, work: 1ACF +1 preload +3 the pressure
                  Constant temperature heating method
        8, the corresponding size: 7 inch -15.6 inch
        9, equipment accuracy: X: ± 10um Y: ± 12um
        10, equipment T / T: 8 S

        1, JM-6300CII FOG in the size of automatic binding machine is mainly used in a number of FPC TO LCD ACF multi-segment attachment, FPC automatic drawing and automatic registration of multi-stage preload and automatic pressure as one of the automatic binding equipment .
        2, the machine has high precision image and optical system and precision automatic alignment table; FPC tray automatic loading mechanism, LCD loading positioning device and ACF automatic detection system and the pressure platform image positioning device to ensure product accuracy and improve production Productivity.
        1, ACF automatic multi-segment positioning and automatic detection system attached
        2, FPC and LCD automatic multi-stage preloading system
        3, FPC preloading state automatic detection function
        4, FPC automatic pressure and the pressure of the platform image automatic positioning system
        5, the machine high rigidity structure