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        JM-986C BL-LCM medium size automatic assembly machine

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        1, power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 15KW
        2, the working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa (dry gas source)
        3, the gas consumption: 300L / Min
        4, equipment size: 3200 (L) × 1165 (W) × 1800 (H) mm
        5, equipment weight: 3500KG
        6, program control: PLC controller + touch screen
        7, work: 1ACF +1 preload +3 the pressure
                  Constant temperature heating method
        8, the corresponding size: 7 inch -15.6 inch
        9, equipment accuracy: X: ± 10um Y: ± 12um
        10, equipment T / T: 8 S

        1,JM-986C BL-LCM medium size automatic assembly machine, the equipment for the production of liquid crystal display module backlight module and the vehicle assembly to carry out precise assembly of automated equipment,
        2, B / L automatic feeding (or artificial feeding), automatic tear film, OLB pipeline into the machine automatically tear film, the finished product from the pipeline outflow.
        1, high-precision alignment of the paste system;
        2, B / L and OLB are used automatic tear film way;
        3, B / L tear film with a three-axis robot hand grip
        4, B / L by an independent feeder automatic feeding
        5, B / L tear film before and after have a cleaning function, effectively reduce the foreign body bad;
        6, the parameters from the touch screen input, save, easy debugging, the device has a sound and light alarm function;
        7, the equipment as a whole with high rigidity structure;