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      1. Hello! Welcome to Shenzhen JiYin Technology Co., Ltd!
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        1、The advantages of pay:

        The company can provide employees with competitive compensation in the industry, for employees to buy five insurance a special position to increase the commercial insurance, the company has at least one year of salary opportunities and lucrative year-end bonuses.


        2、Generous benefits:

        Company annual selection of outstanding employees and reward; for employees to purchase housing provident fund, providing communications subsidies, food subsidies, night shift subsidies, length of service and so on.


        3、To enhance intelligence:

        People-oriented company, the only re-talented, the company insisted on the introduction of external and internal training of personnel strategy, to provide staff with comprehensive and personalized training system and one-on-one career planning to strengthen their own competitive advantage in the workplace.


        4、The workplace training:

        The company now has a comprehensive training system, to provide staff with comprehensive professional skills training; encourage staff to participate in professional and technical titles and national vocational qualification training and subsidies.


        5、Quality accommodation:

        The company has a canteen and dormitories, staff can provide a wealth of meals and a beautiful living environment; species diversity, health and well-being.


        6、Paid holidays:

        Company employees can enjoy the national statutory holidays, paid annual leave, paid marriage and funeral leave, paid maternity leave


        7、Sports and entertainment:

        Indoor recreation facilities such as table tennis room, billiard room and big-screen TV, etc., and organize the corresponding prize winners every year. Organize the collective tourism and expand the training trainees every year.