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      1. Hello! Welcome to Shenzhen JiYin Technology Co., Ltd!
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        Shenzhen JiYin Technology Co., Ltd.

        Shenzhen JiYin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, is a professional hot-pressing and fitting equipment and ancillary products set the development, manufacture, sales and service in one of the high-tech manufacturing enterprises.


        The company has advanced processing equipment and the strength of the R & D team, to provide high-quality hot-pressing and fitting equipment.


        Our products are mainly used in LCD module, backlight, camera, foil, precision welding and other fields


        The company's main products include: COG automatic binding machine, FOG automatic binding machine, T-FOG automatic binding machine, TLI fully automatic machine, BL-LCM fully automatic assembly machine, backlight automatic Laminating machine, CCM automatic binding machine, 3D film machine, pulse-pressing machine, and other series of equipment.

        The company has professional after-sales service team, and set up offices in Suzhou, to provide customers with a high standard of after-sales service,,“”become a hot pressing and fitting equipment of the well-known brands.