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        JM-7200C backlight stacking machine

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        1, power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 15KW
        2, the working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa (dry gas source)
        3, the gas consumption: 300L / Min
        4, equipment size: 3200 (L) × 1165 (W) × 1800 (H) mm
        5, equipment weight: 3500KG
        6, program control: PLC controller + touch screen
        7, work: 1ACF +1 preload +3 the pressure
                  Constant temperature heating method
        8, the corresponding size: 7 inch -15.6 inch
        9, equipment accuracy: X: ± 10um Y: ± 12um
        10, equipment T / T: 8 S

        1, the equipment for the backlight production process will be the proliferation of films and shading tape accurately stacked to the plastic box in the automation equipment. Products for the people on the material, stripping film, laminated, pressing automatic completion, the completion of mechanical handling after cutting.
        1, high precision Japan Keyence 4CCD alignment system, effectively guarantee the accuracy of product alignment.
        2, stripping unit using servo-weighted hammer way to ensure that the film coil material tension stability, stripping smooth.
        3, handling dual-servo linkage handling, fast and smooth action.
        4, The level of the pressing mechanism can be adjusted, the pressure is regulated by the precision pressure regulating valve, and the pressure stability is ensured effectively.
        5, the machine is equipped with Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen system, the user interface in Chinese, with user password protection.
        6, the main parts are imported from Japan accessories, equipment to ensure effective stability.
        7, the parameters from the touch screen input, save, easy debugging, the device has a sound and light alarm.
        8, comes with a vacuum pump, vacuum can also be factory (customer specified).
        9, the overall structure of the device using high rigidity, improve the overall stability of the equipment.