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        JM-965CIII backlight after the process of laminating machine

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        1, power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 6000W
        2, the operating environment: 23 ℃ +/- 5 ℃, 40% to95%, humidity with no Significant dust
        3, the working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa, dry gas source
        4, for the size: 4-7 inches
        5, the program control: PLC controller + touch screen
        6, the video system: 4 sets of 2CCD automatic image processing system
        7, the fitting accuracy: ± 0.05mm
        8, TT (speed): ≦ 4S
        9, the pressure range: Min: 10N ~ Max: 100N
        10, body size: 400 (L) * 2400 (W) * 2150 (H) (without lines)
        11, Weight: 3500kg
        1, JM-965CIII back light after the process of laminating machine is mainly used in backlight products, diffusion sheets, optical films and shading tape accurate assembly.
        2, semi-finished products for the manual feeding on the rotating platform, the proliferation of films, optical films and shading tape for the automatic feeding of materials, automatic completion of the assembly by the robot, the product of four sets of high-precision imaging system with four-axis precision system Bit assembly, to ensure product assembly accuracy.
        1, four-axis precision module reclaiming assembly system.
        2, fast, smooth, high precision.
        3, pull stability.
        4, clean-type automatic film stripping
        5, high-precision image automatic alignment system.
        6, the machine high rigidity structure.